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Thursday, 22 December 2022 11:58
GASCo Electronic Conspicuity Research

GASCo is conducting research into Electronic Conspicuity (EC) aids and equipment to find out more about how GA pilots use them with a view to provide human factors-based advice for use in safety promotion and education which is why we need your help.  We are using GASCo Flight Safety Extra because we know that this reaches a large audience of GA pilots who fly a wide range of GA aircraft.

We realise that people are often requested to take surveys and that this can be irritating but we do hope that you will be able to find a few minutes over the Christmas and New Year holidays to take this one.  Please don’t worry about your data confidentiality; be assured that the data we collect will only be used for the purposes of this research.

The survey closes at 2359 hours on Thursday 5th January 2023.  Please feel free to circulate the link to any GA pilots or organisations that use EC equipment (transponders are included).

Please follow this link to take the survey and thank you very much for taking part:

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