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CAA: Consultation on Pilot Medical Declarations review

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has launched a review of the Pilot Medical Declarations (PMD) processThe consultation runs until midnight on Monday 5 December 2022.

A consultation will help the regulator consider how the system is working as it seeks to enhance a pilot’s user experience and identify opportunities as part of the simplification and rationalisation of General Aviation (GA) flight crew licensing.

Following the launch of Pilot Medical Declarations (PMD) in October 2016, 14,000 PMDs have been submitted.

A post-implementation internal review of the PMD process, undertaken in October 2020, concluded that the PMD process needed to be examined and potentially amended.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s review is one of 46 initiatives considered to take forward and implement following feedback received from the GA community.

Michael MacDonald, Co-Head of the CAA’s General Aviation & RPAS Unit said:

“We have launched CAP 2408 Pilot Medical Declaration Review to explore the next phase of PMD and ask the GA community to consider how the system is working and help provide us with guidance on the development of the process and whether any changes need to be made.

It is prudent for us as the regulator to review and consider changes where appropriate to policies in place.”

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