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Farnborough Airspace - Refused Service or Clearance?

Now that the Farnborough airspace changes have been implemented, AOPA would like to collect information about any denial of service, refusal to give clearance or unacceptable clearances through their Class D Controlled Airspace.

Many assurances were given to the GA and Gliding communities by Farnborough during the consultation in respect of service levels and access to controlled airspace. We hope that these assurances will be honoured, but if not we will need reliable data to be able to take issue with Farnborough, or raise concerns with the CAA or DfT. 

You should separately report any denial of service using Form FCS 1521, as our more comprehensive reporting form is not an official report and does not replace the FCS 1521.

You can help by completing the form below. We will save this data for use at any time patterns emerge that show Farnborough are not fulfilling their assurances or we see that certain groups of airspace users are having more issues than others.

This form allows you to provide details of any denial of service, refusal to give a clearance or revised clearance to that requested through any part of Farnborough Controlled (Class D) Airspace that you found unreasonable.

This information will be collected and stored by AOPA UK and may be used by AOPA UK to take up any emerging pattern of issues with Farnborough, DfT, CAA etc as relevant.

Your identity or personal details will not be passed on to any third party without your further permission.

You should also complete CAA Form FCS 1521 online.


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