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AOPA Ground Instructor Course (GIC)

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The AOPA Ground Instructor Certificate (GIC) has now been simplified and revised. It meets ORA.ATO.110(c) and DTO.GEN.210(d) for the provision of Theoretical Knowledge training

The main change has been to remove any mandated syllabus, training hours or pre-entry exam etc.  In simple terms, any AOPA Corporate ATO Member which delivers FI or CRI training is invited to deliver the AOPA GIC course.  The cost of the course and the specific content is entirely at the ATO’s discretion; basically GIC applicants only need to prove to the ATO Head of Training (HoT) that they are competent to deliver ground training for the theoretical knowledge requirements of the LAPL or PPL.  Applicants’ own theoretical knowledge should be assessed and refreshed as necessary to meet the final assessment standard, with the emphasis being on an ability to explain topics and transfer knowledge to typical students.

The CAA has welcomed this revision, noting also that holders of the AOPA GIC may apply for GR authorisation, which is now a prerequisite for managing, invigilating and/or debriefing LAPL / PPL e-Exams.


To deliver this course you must be a current AOPA Corporate member. You can apply to join here.

The ATO must deliver FI or CRI training. Final assessment of the applicant must be made by a FCL.905.FI(j) ‘Flight Instructor Examiner’ who then makes the necessary recommendation to the Head of Training for issue of the Course Completion Certificate.

Please let AOPA know if you will be delivering this course so that we can list you on this website: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You do not need to apply to the CAA for any variance in your current approvals.

The course description can be downloaded here.

A publicity 3-fold leaflet can be downloaded here.

Please dispose of any previous documents referring to the GIC prior to 2020.

On successful completion of the GIC course, the ATO HoT must sign off the Course Completion Certificate, which the GIC applicant will then use to apply for the GIC Certificate as below.

GIC Students:

The AOPA Ground Instructor Certificate, meets regulatory requirements for the delivery of Ground Instruction in the Theoretical Knowledge subjects for the LAPL and PPL.

You will need to find an ATO that is an AOPA Corporate member and delivers the AOPA GIC Course.

To invigilate, GIC holders have to be sponsored by an ATO or DTO and apply to the CAA for Ground Examiner Authorisation

On completion of the course you will be given a Course Completion Certificate. When you have received this you will then need to apply online for an AOPA Ground Instructor Certificate and pay the administration fee of £25 for non-members and £20 for members of AOPA UK. You will need to scan or photograph your Course Completion Certificate, as a jpg file with a maximum sixe of 1 MB, to upload with your application.

If you are not a current member of AOPA UK, or have lapsed membership of more than 4 months, we will offer you the opportunity to join or rejoin as a Pilot or Instructor member after you have applied and paid for your Ground Instructor Certificate with a £20 discount.

If you missed the offer after payment you can apply here.